Saul David Raye October 12th, 2014

PRACTICE YOGA & KIRTAN with Saul David Raye
Namaste! Please join us for these 2 special events with acclaimed teacher Saul David Raye and musical guest Jim Beckwith. A master yoga session based on one of the most essential teachings in Yoga about the energies of body, mind and soul. In this class you will experience the power of a deep healing heart centered yoga practice. The second event is a powerful evening of connection through chanting, music and community. Saul’s classes and events are known for their deep transforming energy and peaceful, healing energy. Please see below for details.
SIGN UP EARLY SAVE $40 before Oct 3, $50 after for workshop, $15 Kirtan Early by Oct. 3rd, then $20 after. Call 702 478 5000 to register!

Sunday, Oct 12th

2:30pm – 5pm – Embracing Wholeness: The Yoga of Body, Mind and Soul – a deep, healing Yoga master class

8pm – 10 pm Ananda Kirtan / Ecstatic Chant – Come and Experience the powerful unifying and healing vibrations of the practice of Kirtan.

Embracing Wholeness: The Yoga of Body, Mind and Soul
Deepen your practice with this special master class from a leading and evolutionary teacher in yoga.

The ancient yogi’s envisioned a map of consciousness wherein each human being has different sheaths or layers of energy called koshas. These 5 sheaths are the map not only for yoga, but a secret for understanding ones true-Self. We are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe and the key to yoga and life is to unlock and awaken the powerful energy at the center of your being. the more we are able to integrate the different levels of energy within us and be centered in Spirit we are able to access greater levels of energy, healing, peace and aliveness.

This illuminating master class will draw on some of the essential teachings of yoga and support a deepening of your understanding and experience of yoga as a healing practice. Class will include a teaching on the koshas, and a dynamic practice of asana, breathwork, chanting and meditation with live music.

Ananda Kirtan with saul david raye and friends
A soulful experience of ecstatic music, chanting, dancing, meditation and prayer that creates a space for connection, celebration and overflowing LOVE!

Singing and dancing have long been sacred healing practices to awaken the life force, connect us to spirit and embody an ecstatic connection to the Divine force that sustains all life. Kirtan is the devotional singing from the Bhakti (Yoga of the Heart) tradition of India, done in an ecstatic and meditative call and response style. Ananda Kirtan is a moving, ecstatic, expansive and raw experience that dives deep into the nectar of the heart through the group chanting of sacred mantras, deep soulful musical grooves, ecstatic moods and the weaving of heart wisdom teachings. AUM NAMAH SIVAYA / JAI MA !
saul david raye

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