Meet Jenny Brown Yogi of The Week!

Jenny Brown Yogi of The WeekMeet our amazing yogi of the week Jenny Brown! 1. How has practicing yoga affected you and your relationship to the world around you? Yoga saved my life! I was practicing yoga off and on for years but I found yoga at a time in my life when I really needed it. When I started practicing on a regular basis it changed my whole perception of myself and the world around me. I am a better person, mother and friend because of yoga. 2. Who has influenced you on your yoga path? I am influenced by every teacher who’s class I have ever taken. I started with Bikram and I am so thankful because I learned discipline in my practice. I am thankful to my girlfriend Jaime for taking me to my first Bikram class. I am thankful to my Guru Dray for showing me there is more than just Bikram yoga. Once I stepped outside of the “hot room” I was introduced to Bhakti Yoga. That is where I fell in love! I learned about Kirtan and how important meditation is in my life. The devotional side of yoga is so beautiful. I have learned to see the Divine in all of G-D’s creatures. Through Bhakti yoga I found my home at the Grateful Yogi Studio! I have learned so much from Ashley and all the wonderful Grateful yogis who practice there. 3. What are you most grateful for? I am grateful for EVERYTHING!!! I am grateful for everyday I get to wake up to my beautiful daughter, Shelby! I am grateful for my breath that gets me through my days. I am grateful for my mediation that keeps me grounded. I am grateful for bhakti yoga that has guided me along my spiritual path to bring me closer to my higher power and my highest Self! ॐ
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