Meet Daisy! Yogi of the Week!

Meet Daisy! This weeks Yogi of the Week!

Practicing Yoga has helped me in so many different ways. I meditated prior to yoga, but now I’m able to sit in silence for longer periods of time while working with my breath. I feel centered. I turned to yoga to help me through a rigorous 28 day raw fruit and vegetable cleanse. I practiced yoga almost everyday for 30+ days before and during the cleanse. The last week of the cleanse required me to fast. Although I may not have gone through every vinyasa, yoga was helping me practice presence and helping me get out of my head. It was a physical, nutritional and mental cleanse all in one. Yoga has also helped me with my relationship with myself and the people in my life. I used to demand excellence from myself and others. My work is fast paced and my life in past years was one storm after another. I’ve learned to slow down and become patient with myself and others. I used to put everyone else’s needs before mine and had nothing left for myself. Yoga forces me to put myself first. I have to be there for me which allows me to feel full. That fullness allows me to give back to others, if that makes sense. I love how at the beginning of class the instructor asks to dedicate a San Culpa to the practice. My intentions fill my heart at the beginning of class and bleed into every facet of my life. My intention is to Love and live in Grace. Every time I practice I am reminded of this intention which I get closer to fully living everyday.
My Cousin Lolita Guevarra kick started my love for Yoga by suggesting we go on a Surf and Yoga retreat in Bali back in 2012. The experience was so amazing I wanted to incorporate yoga in my life when I returned home. I almost gave up on yoga because the classes at my gym were nothing like I experienced in Bali. Ashley and Dominique from The Grateful Yogi (along with the rest of the awesome instructors there) helped me enrich my yoga practice. I had never heard of Kirtan until I attended classes at The Grateful Yogi. It’s so freeing and I feel connected to life when I’m chanting. To this day I don’t know every meaning to the words that I chant which is ok with me, I feel full of love and life because of it.I am Grateful for so much. I am extremely blessed and fortunate. I’ve learned to be grateful for the Good and Bad. Each experience has its lessons and I’m forever a student of my life. One thing I have learned to do is to mentally say thank you to all of what I thought or felt was a bad experience. If it wasn’t for the bad stuff I wouldn’t know how to fully appreciate the GOOD….